Galleria13 – arte moderna e contemporanea

Via Roma 34/b, Reggio Emilia, 42121

P.iva 02310900358

Tel. +39 3402397567



We will always respond to every message and request, if you do not receive an answer there must be a technical error, in this case write directly to

How to find us


  • Interior design consulting
  • Professional appraisal of private collections
  • Assistance in the archiving and authentication of private works at archives and reference bodies
  • Handling practices and accompanying the works at international auction houses
  • Curatorship and preparation of public and private exhibitions
  • Graphic design for art books


We are always looking for new talent and collaborations.

Age is not a limit. You can be 18 or 80 years old, the important thing is that you have consciousness of what you do, an artistic identity and a recognizable trait.

If at the same time you think you are proposing a landscape, a still life and a portrait of an animal, this gallery is not for you.

Send a presentation with a short biography, description of the artistic technique you use and some significant images via email to