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Since its foundation in 1973, Galleria 13 has always worked to promote art, consolidating partnerships with public and private organisations, associations and art galleries throughout Italy. It has promoted the diffusion of modern artists such as Antonio Ligabue, Franco Rognoni, Alberto Manfredi and Enrico Paulucci, whose interests the gallery represented for many years; and discovered the contemporary painter Carla Bedini.

With the intention of giving new impetus to contemporary painting, under the careful guidance of the new Art Director Sara Cavagnari, the Gallery presents a section of contemporary painters including Jonathan Guaitamacchi, Davide Benati, Massimo Pedrazzi, Enrico Ingenito and Franco Chiarani.

Even more restricted and carefully selected is the circle of international photographers represented by Gallery 13, such as the Englishman Michael Kenna, one of the most popular photographers of our time, the controversial Japanese Nobuyoshi Araki, the street photographer Daido Moriyama, Eikoh Hosoe and the Spaniard Leonardo Naveiras de Uña.

Since 2015, Galleria 13 has been the official representative of Michael Kenna for Italy, for the sale of his photographs, temporary public exhibitions and permanent archives.

Also very close is the direct collaboration with the archive of Nobuyoshi Araki, which through Galleria 13, brings prominence to the works of this eclectic artist in Italy.
Italian photographers represented by the Gallery include Maurizio Galimberti, Bruno Cattani, Pierre Pellegrini, Vasco Ascolini and COLLETTIVO 4.

Galleria 13 artefiera fair 2018

Artefiera 2018

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